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Development team approach


This is the concept of bringing together all local authority regulatory agencies which affect the development process to provide a developer/designer with a co-ordinated approach to the development from initial concept though to completion.

The scheme is available for all large developments within the District and encourages internal and external regulators such as Planning, Building Control, Fire Service etc. to adopt closer working practices to enable more effective decision making leading to improved customer service.

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The potential advantages of this scheme are:

  • Improved communication between regulatory functions with a single point of contact
  • Regulators talk to each other to resolve problems to eliminate the delay of attempting to find a common solution
  • Improved customer care with a more approachable service
  • Greater cost effectiveness with saving in time and money
  • Provide a more user friendly and accessible service
  • Prevents time being wasted on a scheme that might be rejected by certain bodies further down the line.

How a typical development team drives schemes forward:

Stage Team Members Involved Outcome
Informal enquiry Local Authority reception staff, Planning, Building Control, Economic Development or Housing (in some cases). Issue advice leaflet giving guidance

Set out what the Local Authority can and cannot do. Initial view of project or response to set timescale. Identify person who is to be the contact officer.
Pre-application meeting Planning (Policy and Development Control including conservation officer as necessary), Building Control and Highways with possible addition of economic development housing, Fire Services, Environmental Health, National Rivers Authority, water companies, Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive, English Heritage, representatives of the County Council and members of the Developer’s team. Identify any likely problem areas.

Agree on key target date. Agree who is to be contact officer (if not already done). Agree composition of development team.
On receipt of Planning application Planning staff (in liaison with Building Control) and in two tier areas, Highways Authority. Agree who is to be the contact officer (if not already done). Determine if application is in acceptable form and notify applicant. Agree composition of Development Team (if not already agreed).
On receipt of Building Regulation application On receipt of Building Regulation application Building Control staff in liaison with Planning staff. Determine if application is in Acceptable form-notify application. Ascertain whether Planning application required has been submitted. Identify any problem areas.
Progress meeting on formal Planning/Building Control application As for pre-application meeting with addition of legal section (legal agreements) and outside bodies such as Highways Authority and National Rivers Authority. Review progress, especially on problem areas. Review key target dates. Agree heads of terms of Planning/Section 38 Agreement if required.
Decision on scheme All departments involved. Liaise on committee reports - agree corporate stance on application. Check progress on Planning/Section 38 Agreements, attend committee meeting.
Pre-commencement on site meeting Building Control, Planning, other departments as necessary. Agree whether change in contact Officer is required. Agree monitoring programme.
Commencement on site Building Control, Planning, other departments as necessary. Liaise on Completion Notice, Compliance with conditions, Planning/Section 38 agreement.
Progress meeting on site Building Control, Planning, other departments as necessary. Review progress. Check compliance with approved plans.
Completion of scheme All departments involved. Carry out feedback analysis including developer and agents. Liaise on compliance with conditions and possible need for enforcement action.


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Last updated: 06 November 2017

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