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Food hygiene issues


This service investigates food poisoning and certain other foodborne illnesses to prevent the spread of illness within the community and to try and establish possible causes.

Further information

Food safety - illness

If you think you have got food poisoning contact your doctor and have a stool sample taken as this is the only way to confirm what illness you have. If the results come back as an infectious disease then this information will be passed to us to investigate from the hospital laboratory.

Then contact the Commercial Environmental team who will take a food history to try and determine where the illness has originated from. If a business in Blaby District is suspected then further investigation will be undertaken with this business. If it is a business out of the district the information will be passed to the relevant authority.

Food safety – contamination

If you buy a food product which contains a foreign body you can report this to us at the contact details below. If you still have the food item then we will be able to send this to the lab for testing if applicable to the foreign item. We will investigate how the item came to be in the food by investigation with the company who made the product. Where necessary we will liaise with other Local Authorities.

External websites

Further information on infectious diseases including foodborne illnesses can be found on the Public Health England website.


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Last updated: 06 January 2017

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