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Where does my recycling go?


In June 2012 the Resource Association launched the End Destination Charter, a voluntary commitment to publish an annual register of end destination of recyclates. We have signed up to this Charter to show you where your recyclate goes when we've emptied your green lidded bin.

Initially, the recyclate collected from your green lidded recycling bin is taken to Casepak on Scudamore Road, Leicester. Casepak run a MRF (materials recycling facility), where the co-mingled materials are separated using state of the art equipment.  It is then bailed and sent for reprocessing at the listed companies. If you'd like to know more about how Casepak separate the materials please visit the Casepak website.

The information shown relates to collections made between April 2012 and March 2013.

Recycle Paper Glass is split between Recresco in Ellesmere Port,  Cheshire and Berryman Glass in North Yorkshire, where it is re-melted to produce more bottles and jars. Glass which does not meet the specification for new bottle and jar manufacture is used as a coarse aggregate substitute for use in road construction, concrete manufacture and as trench backfill. For further information on glass recycling please visit the Berryman website. 2,280 tonnes
Recycle Paper 

Mixed papers - Dependent upon market prices newspapers and magazines are either taken to Aylesford Newsprint in Kent or to Palm's paper mill in King's Lynn, Norfolk.  Paper is mixed with water, de-inked and pulped. It is then reformed to make new newsprint.

Cardboard - This is recycled at a company called DS Smith (formerly SCA Recycling) in Caerphilly, South Wales. It is pulped and made into new corrugated board, or flat card for new packaging.

4,834 tonnes
Recycle Paper 

Mixed plastics are separated into different grades and sold to reprocessors, where they are granulated, heated, then re-extruded with other virgin polymer to make new plastic products.

PET Bottles and Trays - Eco Plastics in Hemswell, Lincs.

HDPE - Oseala Asarama in Malaysia.

1,060 tonnes (mixed cans/ plastics)
Recycle Paper 

Mixed tins/cans are separated into steel and aluminium prior to bailing and sending for reprocessing. Aluminium is reprocessed into new cans and steel is melted down and made into new steel for the production of new cans, cars, white goods etc.

Steel Cans - European Metal Recycling, Warrington, Cheshire.

Aluminium - Dependent upon market prices, aluminium is taken to Novelis Recycling, Warrington, Cheshire; Seal Metal Recycling, Chapel Allerton, Leeds; and Roba Metals Ltd, Alcester, Warwickshire

1,060 tonnes (mixed cans/ plastics)


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Last updated: 06 November 2017

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