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Report a missed collection


Our aim is to empty your bins on your designated collection day. Please ensure your bins are presented at the edge of your property (where the boundary of your property meets the road/pavement) by 7.00am. If we have genuinely missed your bin we will aim to return to empty it by the end of the next working day.

Please report a missed bin no later than the end of the working day following your scheduled collection day.

We have no obligation to return to your bin if it is not presented in the correct place by 7.00am on your collection day, if you report it as being missed after the deadline time, or if the crew report that it could not be emptied (for one of the reasons listed below).

Reasons for non collection

  • bin was not put out on the right day.  Check which day your bin gets collected

  • the bin was not out by 7am

  • the bin was not put where the boundary of the property meets the road/pavement

  • the bin was overloaded or too heavy

  • additional waste was left at the side of the bin (general waste only - additional recycling will be taken)

  • the bin was not accessible, ie blocked in by vehicles or locked gates (for those customers that receive assistance)

  • inclement weather (information will normally be issued separately)   

  • the bin contained the wrong kind of waste or was deemed as contaminated.  For guidance see:-

          Refuse bins


         Garden waste

The collection crew will normally leave a note through your letterbox or on your bin showing why they were unable to empty it.  They may also leave a sticker on your bin showing if the bin was contaminated (contained the wrong type of waste).

Report a missed collection    

Before you report a missed bin please check that your neighbours' bins (of the same waste type) have been emptied.

Please note that the crews do try to empty your bins within the same time frame each week but unforeseen circumstances do occur, which mean that they could empty your bin later than usual.  The crews work until 3.00pm - please do not report a missed bin until after 2.00pm.

If your bin was genuinely missed (not emptied for reasons other than those listed) please report it and we will return to empty the bin by the end of the next working day.

Further Information

If you are elderly or registered disabled, live alone and do not have anyone who is able to put your bins and boxes out at the boundary of your property for collection please let us know as we may be able to help.


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Last updated: 25 May 2018

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