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Refuse bins


We provide wheelie bins and bags for the collection of household waste.

What can I put in my refuse bin?

You can put anything in your refuse bin that can’t be recycled through your kerbside recycling collection, eg food waste.

Please do not put the following in your refuse bin:

  1. Garden waste – please sign up for a garden waste bin
  2. Paint – take unwanted paint and empty paint tins to Whetstone tip (permit will be required from Leicestershire County Council)
  3. Builders rubble/waste, including soil and concrete 

Further information

Each household (of up to four residents) is issued with one 140ltr wheeled bin (black lid) for household waste.

Larger household waste bins are available at the following annual cost:

  • Additional 140ltr wheeled bin - £39.60
  • 240ltr wheeled bin - £39.60
  • 360ltr wheeled bin - £66.00

Discounts are available on the above prices for households of five or more residents.

Extra 140ltr Refuse Bin - £16.20 (5 or more in family)


240ltr Refuse Bin - £16.20 (5 or more in family)360ltr Refuse Bin - 33.60 (5 or more in family)


In addition to larger bins, purple side waste bags are available, if you only have extra waste on occasions. These can be bought from various outlets in the district.

  • Purple refuse sacks - £8.00 for pack of 3

From 1st April 2015 the Council will charge for replacement bins if they have been damaged on purpose or if they have been stolen or are reported as missing.

The charges are for the replacement of the old bin and for delivery.  The charge is not for the new bin and the new bin will continue to be the property of the Council.

Charges are:

140ltr bin - £20.00
240ltr bin - £30.00
360ltr bin - £40.00

We will not charge for wear and tear damage to bins, eg broken lids, missing lid pins, splits to the body of the bin or damaged wheels.

Before you report your bin as stolen or missing please check your neighbours' gardens to see if it has been taken and check around the area to make sure the bin isn't further down the road/been misplaced.

The bins are your responsibility, it is up to you to keep your bins safe and to retrieve your bins from your neighbours.  We do not replace dirty bins, it is your responsibility to keep your bins clean.


Refuse and garden bag stockists

For those properties unable to accommodate wheeled bins, we do provide refuse sacks free of charge. These are delivered by us on a quarterly basis.


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Last updated: 03 April 2017

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