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Online Benefit and Support Calculator


From 13 June 2018, due to the introduction of Universal Credit, you may no longer be eligible to claim Housing Benefit and we will not be able to accept any new claims for Housing Benefit unless:

  • You or your partner is of State Pension credit age
  • Live in Supported Accommodation 
  • Have 3 or more dependant children 
  • You are living in temporary accommodation arranged by our Housing Options Team 

 You may still claim Council Tax Support from Blaby District Council

Our online Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support calculator will give an indication of the amount of benefit and support you may be entitled to based on the information you provide. Actual benefit and support amounts may differ and cannot be calculated until a claim is submitted.

Online Benefit and Support Calculator

Housing Benefit is generally based on the size of your household. Use this calculator to work out how many bedrooms are required.

Completing the online benefit and support calculator does not constitute an intention to claim. Please call the benefits department to speak to an assessor if you do wish to make a claim for benefit or an application for council tax support.


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Last updated: 13 June 2018

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