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Change of circumstance


You must tell us straight away about any changes in circumstances for you, your partner, any dependant children or any non-dependant who lives with you.

What happens if my circumstances change during my benefit period?

You should report any changes to the Benefits Team without delay. All changes must be reported in writing either by letter to the Benefits Team or you can call at our reception desk to report the change.

If you are not sure if the change will affect your entitlement you should still tell us about it.

Rent increase

If you have been advised by your landlord that your rent has increased we will need you to complete the on line form below. We may require you to provide evidence of this.

What sort of changes do I need to report?

Below are some examples of changes we need to know about:

  • If your wages change
  • If any benefits you receive increase, decrease or stop
  • If your private pension changes
  • If your savings change
  • If any other income you receive changes
  • If children or other adults leave or move into your home
  • The income of other adults in your home changes
  • If you start or stop receiving Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance
  • If you start to receive Child Tax Credits or Working Tax Credit
  • If you or your partner move house even if this move is temporary (see below on how to notify us)

Will I need to send in any documents?

We will need to see proof of the change. An original document, (for example an award notice), which we will photocopy and return to you without delay.

Are there time limits for reporting a change?

If your circumstances change and the change results in you receiving more benefit, you must report the change within one month of it occurring. If you do not, we will only re-calculate your entitlement for the Monday following the date you actually report the change. This means that you will lose out on benefit to which you could have been entitled.

If your circumstances change and the change results in your receiving less benefit you must still report the change immediately but we will recalculate your entitlement from the Monday following the date of the change and an overpayment will be calculated which you will be asked to repay. If you are not sure what changes to tells us about, or what proof to send, just ask.

Don’t forget to report any changes in your circumstances on time.

Moving House

Your Housing Benefit will need to be recalculated if you change your address. If you are moving within the District you will need to complete a change of address form  or contact the Benefits Team on 0116 272 7510 to request this form so that you can continue to claim Housing Benefit at your new address.

Change of Address Form

We will also need to transfer your Council Tax account from your old address to your new one.

Tell us you are moving house


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Last updated: 16 October 2017

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