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How to claim council tax support


Council Tax Support can help you meet the cost of your Council Tax if you are on a low income. You can claim if you are working and you do not have to be getting any other benefits.

The amount of benefit you get depends on the level of your capital and income, together with your individual circumstances.

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Do not delay in sending in your claim form, even if you do not have all the supporting information available, as benefit is normally awarded from the Monday following the day we received the claim form.

The Benefit Team at Blaby District Council offer you different options for returning your claim form.

1. You can ring for an appointment and the assessor will go through the form and your documents with you. If it is possible they may be able to assess your claim whilst you wait so that you can understand how your benefit is calculated and any payments due.

2. You can call at the Housing Benefit reception desk at Narborough and the assessor on the desk will confirm that you have provided all of the required information, or tell you what documents you need to provide to complete your claim.

3. You can drop off your information at either Blaby Joint Service shop or Braunstone Civic Centre to be forwarded to us.

4. You can post your claim and documents to us. Please note though you should be careful about sending valuable documents like passports through the post. 

If you wish to attend an appointment to sort out your claim you can ring the Benefit Team 0116 272 7510. When you make the appointment you will be advised what documents you need to bring to the interview, provided all the required supporting documentation is available, the assessment officer will aim to process your claim at the time of the interview. If it is not possible to process your claim immediately, the assessment officer will let you know why.

If it would be more convenient for you to be interviewed at the Joint Service Shop at Forge Corner in Blaby an appointment can be arranged for a Thursday morning 10am -12pm, or at the Braunstone Civic Centre on the Kingsway on a Tuesday morning 10am-12pm. Please let the team know when you ring to make an appointment if you would prefer to be interviewed at one of these alternative locations.

Alternatively, if it is difficult for you to attend an interview at any of these locations we can arrange a home visit. Please let the team know when you ring to make an appointment that you would prefer a home visit. If you do have a home visit, provided all the supporting documentation is available we will aim to process your claim as soon as we can.

Second Adult Rebate

You can claim Second Adult Rebate if you are of qualifying age for State Pension Credit and there are other people living in your home who are on a low income.

You cannot claim Second Adult Rebate if you are, married or have a partner or are of working age.

Please contact us and we will send you a claim form, or you can download a claim form from above.

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Last updated: 16 October 2017

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