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Get your empty property back into use

Empty Homes Week 2017

As part of Empty Homes Week, Blaby District Council is encouraging owners of long-term empty properties to get in touch to help get them back into use.

Properties become empty for many reasons, including family disputes, renovation costs or the death of an owner. An empty home can be easily vandalised or fall into disrepair the longer they remain unoccupied. They can also become unsightly and cause problems for residents living near to the property.

Loans and grants of up to £10,000 are available to help owners bring a property back to use. The interest-free loan is available is based on the Council’s assessment to bring the property up to a liveable standard to which the owner can live in it, sell or rent the property. 

The non-repayable renovation grant is available for anyone who wants to bring the home back into use to be rented out by the Council for a period of two years. This grant not only ensures a property is no longer empty, but helps will the local area’s housing waiting list.

Work to give these homes a new lease of life ensures more houses are available, and benefits the local community.

Residents living near an empty home can also report this for the Council to investigate. Anyone concerned about an empty home or wanting to bring an empty home back into use can visit, or call 0116 275 0555 for more information.


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Last updated: 11 October 2018

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